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About ME
After completing a 2 year course at technical college in 1988, I got my start in small town rural Nova Scotia under the wing and watchful eye of a man well known to his community as knowing and practicing the trade for many years. I was immediately instilled with the ethics and practices of a true craftsman, an artist of his trade, which still exists in many of the area carpenters to this day. After spending approximately 6 yrs with him, I branched out to other trades while still doing carpentry as a side job and building my own home, eventually ending up with a local home building company still in practice today. After spending a short year there, I decided to come to Ottawa, where the building boom was continuing and would provide work for many years to come. So moving to Ottawa in Feb. 2003, I started out working in the service department of a local home bulider for just over a year. Feeling that somehow I wasn't living up to my capabilities and my talents were going to waste, I decided to form " Craig's Carpentry " in May 2004.  Now relocated to Edmonton, AB in July 2016, I have started with a new fresh look and name "Lighthouse Renovations"
At Lighthouse Renovations I thrive everyday to do the project the right way, utilizing the latest products and installation procedures to produce high quality, long lasting renovations for my homeowners to enjoy, while increasing value. This gives me a profound sense of accomplishment and pride in workmanship and the drive to continue providing quality work to produce satisfied customers.